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About HENc

HENc is a Mobile Phlebotomy Classification & Labeling System.

Mobile Phlebotomy Classification & Labeling System prevents medical accidents, and vastly reduces patient wait times.

HENc automatically provides medical technicians with essential items required for phlebotomy (tubes with specimen labels attached, specimen labels and patient identification labels) based on the phlebotomy information recorded in the Hospital Information System (HIS, LIS, OCS, EMR).

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  • HENc
  • HENc

Phlebotomy process with HENc

STEP 1: Phlebotomy reception
STEP 1: Call a patient for phlebotomy
STEP 2: Patient (customer) identification
STEP 3: Phlebotomy reception
STEP 4: Patient (customer) identification in the HENs program
STEP 5: Supply of essential phlebotomy apparatus*
STEP 6: Phlebotomy
STEP 7: Patient (customer) identification and phlebotomy completion

HENc Benefits

  • Prevent Medical Errors

    Automated phlebotomy process eliminates accidental switching of specimens. Prevent Medical Errors

  • Cut Wait Time

    Simplified phlebotomy process vastly reduces wait time. Cut Wait Time

  • Cost Reduction

    Enhanced efficiency improves phlebotomy process, leading to reduction in operating costs. Cost Reduction

  • Improved Convenience

    Establishment of efficient environment means phlebotomists spend less time on trivial work. Improved Convenience

  • Enhanced Image

    Speedy and convenient medical service presents a progressive image for a modern medical facility. Enhanced Image

HENc Convenient Features


HENc's mobility enables phlebotomy procedures to be carried out outside of the phlebotomy lab.

Tablet PC

A PC with the HENc program installed helps medical staff carry out phlebotomy and record the results without error.

HENc Program

A program for easy and convenient checking and recording (information update) of phlebotomy information

Roller Mixer

Assists in uniformly mixing samples in tubes with additives.

Needle Disposal Container Tray

Detachable needle disposal container


Storage space for phlebotomy tools and spare tube pallets


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