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Robotic Machine Tending

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Why should you come to Energium for your Robotic Machine Tending needs?

Energium has a wealth of experience with

- loading CNC machining equipment
- assembly equipment
- coating equipment
- different types of presses
- machines that use robotics, pneumatic, and hydraulic powered pick-and-place systems

We provide support for our machines through their life cycle. We’ll be there to settle them into your factory and will advise you on how to integrate them into your production process.

We have over a decade’s experience of automating industrial processes.

  • Why should you use a robot for machine tending automation?

    A robot can look after multiple machining applications with remarkable repeatable accuracy. Unlike human beings, a Robotic Machine Tending cell never needs a holiday, and it can work 24 hours a day throughout the year. You can fit more machines into your factory because our robots can be installed overhead or in the space between machines.
  • Robotic Machine Tending

Telephone or e-mail us for a free assessment of your business’s needs.

The benefits of Robotic Machine Tending

- Speeds up the final stage of production.
- Never tiring, repeatable accuracy
- Able to handle fragile goods

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